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After the photo trip ends and you are in your snuggie uploading pics sipping on a nice hot chocolate, you start flipping through your new shots.  If you're anything like me, you know you've got a few solid shots, a bunch of "eh" shots, and then those blurry, accidental snapped shots you forgot to delete. 

The problem that I've run into in the past is that I would immediately try and delete as many of those "eh" shots as I could to save on hard drive space.  Then go to what I thought was hands down my best images and begin editing.  I am a little guilty as I still do this sometimes.  Occasionally though, after I've visited an amazing area, I sometimes find that even my best images are disheartening and frustrating.  Almost like they don't represent the actual scene witnessed while there, whether it be that very morning or after a weeklong trip. 

If this ends up being the case, I have found that giving it a day or two and returning to the photos changes my opinion and perspective quite a bit.  This only takes into consideration those images that I personally felt were home runs.  Other shots that I've tip toed on the edge of deleting or saving and come back to can also end up becoming huge successes too.  In those cases, I've taken weeks or even months to make up my mind.  Those "eh" shots now sit on my computer for at least a month before I permanently delete them. 

Another option that works well in deciding those hard to determine shots, is to go through and edit the image how you see fit.  Once you've finished, get a few buddies, your wife, husband, kids, whoever you respect an opinion from to see what they think (most can't wait to give you their honest opinions and be part of your photography anyways).  You can also have them scope out your shots even before they are post edited to see if something catches their eye that you may have overlooked. 

Overall, there may be quite a few "winners" on your hard drive that you may not have liked the first round.  Give them a second chance and see what you think.  You may surprise yourself and come out with some real stunners. 

A few of my own second chances:






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