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Jacob Routzahn

It was the first morning of my return trip to Jackson Hole, and I knew an early morning would be ahead of me.  Sure enough, my alarm jerked me out of my sleep at four in the morning and off I went.  

I began to rise out of Flatt Creek Valley, catching my first glimpse of The Grand and her neighboring peaks, when I notice an amazing shroud of fog hovering over the valley floor.  Barely able to control myself, I thanked the Heavens for such an amazing setup.

When I arrived at my location, I immediately assembled my gear and began to shoot.  Though there was cloud coverage to the East, the light that ended up penetrating was an amazing sight to behold.  

It was hard to think that I lived in Jackson for three summers in a row and only once woke up in time to catch sunrise.  

Overall, this three shot horizontal pano was a treat to shoot considering it has been literally months since I have last shot.  Life had...

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