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Jacob Routzahn

After the photo trip ends and you are in your snuggie uploading pics sipping on a nice hot chocolate, you start flipping through your new shots.  If you're anything like me, you know you've got a few solid shots, a bunch of "eh" shots, and then those blurry, accidental snapped shots you forgot to delete. 

The problem that I've run into in the past is that I would immediately try and delete as many of those "eh" shots as I could to save on hard drive space.  Then go to what I thought was hands down my best images and begin editing.  I am a little guilty as I still do this sometimes.  Occasionally though, after I've visited an amazing area, I sometimes find that even my best images are disheartening and frustrating.  Almost like they don't represent the actual scene witnessed while there, whether it be that very morning or after a weeklong trip. 

If this ends up being the case, I have found that giving it a day or two and returning to...

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